screw project
Smile Screws were born in 2014 from an idea thought up by designer Yuma Kano and the manufacturing enterprise of Komuro Industry in Osaka.
Screws have not seen much innovation or need for innovation, but seeing a screw with a smiley face rather than a cross or a slot on its head gives others a small thrill of discovery.
It's not just a simple screw, but a cheerful message to the world that can be understood the world over.
screw :) project
After their creation in 2014, Smile Screws are now launching a participatory art project in 2016.
You can join by taking pictures of Smile Screws you have put in place, then uploading them to a special site where their locations are then marked on a map. The map displays the locations of Smile Screws around the world. You can view pictures of them or search for them in the real world. It seeks to bring about small changes in everyday life, helping people share smiles. Its magic may have already started to work.
Obtain Smiles Screws.
Smile Screws are available at this website as well as participating stores.
Use your screws wherever you like.
They can be used in practical places, for your favorite household items, or anywhere you’d like to see more smiles.
Upload pictures of your screws to the map site.
Once your screws are in place, use a smartphone or other device to photograph them. Next, enter the driver ID and upload your image with GPS information to our special site.
Find your screw on the Smile Screw Map.
You’ll be able to find your image and data instantly on the Smile Screw Map.
Search for Smile Screws around the world.
You can use the map to view pictures and locations of Smile Screws. Search for Smile Screws when you’re traveling, or in your neighborhood. When you find one, announce your discovery by pressing the "Found" button on the site!
screw:) 5pcs & screwdrivers SET
5 Smile Screws and 3 screwdrivers (Smile, Cross, Pilot Drill)
Original case (W90xD202xH31mm)
screw:) 5pcs PACK
5 Smile Screws
Pack (W40xD60xH15mm)
screw:) 1pcs BOX
1 Smile Screw
Original box(W30×D30×H31mm)
Develops, produces and sells a wide variety of screws from their own factory.
Uses sophisticated technology and an awareness of environmental conservation to carefully craft each Smile Screw.
The Smile Screw Project was created to explore and expand the possibilities of the simple screw. We are currently seeking ways to collaborate with others from creative workshops to finding new ways to use screws. By going past simple functionality, the possibilities for Smile Screws are endless.
For more information on Smile Screws, please contact us.
We also accept inquiries regarding and orders for specialty screws.